Since 2011, the Australian branch of the Swedish Space Research Center has signed a cooperation agreement with China, agreeing to let a satellite station in the country provide support for China's space exploration science projects.

   But the center recently announced that they will not renew the contract with China after the contract expires.

Australian satellite station stop serving China

   According to Reuters, this satellite station owned by the Australian branch of the Swedish Space Research Center (SSC) is located in Western Australia, Australia. Since 2011, this satellite station named Yatharagga has signed a cooperation agreement with China, and provided technical support to the Chinese Shenzhou 10 spacecraft in 2013.

However, the center recently stated in an email to the media that the Chinese market has become complicated due to the geopolitical situation, so the center has decided to focus on other markets in the next few years, and will not focus on China. Continue to renew after the expiration of the contract.

   However, the center did not disclose when their contract with China will expire. Australian officials and Chinese officials have not yet responded to Reuters interviews on the matter.

   On the other hand, judging from the Reuters report on the incident, the Western media seems to think that the incident may be Australia's help in fighting China.

It is worth noting that this "Yatharagga" satellite station is in close proximity to another "Dongara" satellite station. The latter is owned by the US branch of the Swedish Space Research Center and is exclusively provided for US government agencies including NASA and other commercial partners. service.

   It is understood that the space tracking station mainly refers to the satellite ground station that establishes contact with the spacecraft, and will provide multiple technical support such as telemetry, tracking, and command for the spacecraft to and from space. my country successfully completed the space docking test of the Shenzhou 10 mission in June 2013, with the help of SSC's Australian Space Tracking Station. This shows that the resources invested by China in renting ground stations have paid off.

   In fact, China's satellite ground station technology is also very strong. Among them, the remote sensing satellite, as a member ground station of the International Resource Satellite Ground Station Network, ranks first in the number of satellite signals received and processed by the global ground station. Just add more ground stations, the satellite signal accuracy will be more accurate.

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