According to CCTV news, as of 6:00 today, tianwen-1 Mars probe has been in orbit for 163 days, with a flight mileage of more than 400 million kilometers, about 130 million kilometers from the earth and 8.3 million kilometers from Mars.

tianwen-1 Mars probe has been in orbit

China Aerospace Group official said that tianwen-1 Mars probe has a stable attitude, and will implement near fire braking in more than one month as planned, enter the annular fire orbit, and be ready to land on Mars.

Tianwen-1 mission is the first step of China's independent interplanetary exploration. It will realize the "orbit, landing and patrol" of Mars through a single launch, that is, Mars orbit, Mars landing and fire surface patrol.

will enter the orbit of toroidal fire

The total weight of tianwen-1 is about 5 tons. It is composed of a orbiter and a landing Rover. The landing Rover mainly includes an entry module and a Mars rover. At present, the orbiter has completed the third on orbit self-test, and all systems are working normally.

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