Sinopharm China Biosciences has started the large-scale production of the new crown vaccine. Each dose of vaccine has an electronic ID card that traces the flow of the vaccine throughout. Where the vaccine reaches and who is vaccinated will be recorded.

It is understood that the new crown vaccine packaging is divided into light inspection, rotary rod labeling, boxing, weighing, and coding systems to ensure the quality and safety of the vaccine.

Yang Xiaoming, Chairman of Sinopharm Group China Biotechnology, introduced that the regulatory code is equivalent to the "electronic ID card" of vaccines, which is divided into three levels: each vaccine is individually coded, every 10 vaccines is composed of a medium package code, and contains multiple medium packages The large package and then code.

Through the supervision code, you can check whether the vaccine production, warehousing, storage, delivery, transportation and other processes meet the standards, and track the person receiving the injection.

The size of my country's new crown vaccine market may be nearly 100 billion

China Securities Investment said that at this stage, orders for the new crown vaccine have been placed. According to the order volume, the country’s penetration rate is calculated. The United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union of four countries and Japan are respectively 100%, 100%, 65% and 100%. Taking into account the epidemic situation in my country Stable, but the world is still in the pandemic stage and my country is accompanied by repeated regional epidemics. It is estimated that the penetration rate of my country's new crown vaccine is generally assumed to be 60%, and the corresponding market size is about 84 billion yuan.

According to the agency, according to my country’s current clinical trial phase of the new crown vaccine project, according to the existing design capacity limit is about 1.8 billion doses, which can meet the demand of 900 million people. Considering the time required for the release of production capacity of some enterprises, it will be available in a short time. There are still gaps in the supply of new crown vaccine projects to the domestic and developing markets.

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